About Us



For over 25 years, J.T. Equipment Service Co. has been a successful Mechanical Contractor providing expert chilled and condenser water piping for the HVAC industry. We are an SBE registered Contractor with Miami Dade County and work with companies across the State of Florida to meet their goal of complete customer satisfaction. We also specialize in structural steel equipment stands, wet taps and pipe freezing.

J.T. Equipment has participated in major projects including numerous AT&T operational facilities, The University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami International Airport, and large commercial and industrial buildings all over South Florida. Our company is located in Miami Fl, and we have a 3.000 square feet warehouse facility where we can fabricate piping and steel work with all the tools needed to manufacture and install piping systems of all sizes.

We have distinguished ourselves by doing quality piping systems and being and expert at this fabrication and installation process with high qualified personnel and getting wholesale material pricing, based on years of good business relationship with our vendors.

Since 2013 we are capable to offer one of the most advance technologies available: We started offering Pipeline Freezing, using highly effective liquid nitrogen and a precise monitoring system to control the freeze. This allows maintenance and service for large piping systems without interruption of the flow, saving owners and manager time and money, from having to drain and refill their piping systems.

We have participated  in small, medium and large projects in a vast range of industries: Governmental work, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Commercial Facilities and centers of operation for many AT&T Facilities. This experience has distinguished our company as reliable and professional mechanical contractors who can deliver solutions to any industrial or commercial project that needs assistance on the  maintenance or installation of HVAC including pipe systems.


To provide top quality services for the air conditioning industry, primarily in governmental, commercial and industrial buildings. We specialize in the piping work that is required for fluids and gases.

Our mission is to make the process for the owners and managers as seamless as possible, by providing well trained, qualified and motivated individuals to accomplish pipefitting, welding, rigging and installation of heavy equipment.

We also have a mission to provide line freezing, line stopping and wet tap services for maintenance, repair, connection to or replacement for existing piping systems.


To provide our services in a practical, timely and professional manner. To have teams of capable, well-trained associates that distinguish themselves to our customer with outstanding service.

We will work to provide a safe working environment for our associates so they will have a future with growth opportunities with in our industry. J.T. Equipment is the work place where innovation, creativity, freedom of expression are encouraged.

We will assist you in providing training and a learning environment that will help you face challenges and expand your knowledge and problem solving abilities. We encourage good communication that builds teams that are based in honesty, trust and integrity.
It is important that each team member has adequate time and resources to enjoy your personal life time with your family, friends and the community.
We encourage healthy life choices with adequate rest exercise and good diet. A healthy work ethic will build up families and community and not tear them apart.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, Honesty and reliability.
  • Humility, Thinking of others before your self.
  • Intelligence, thoughtful and reasonable decisions.
  • Hunger – Motivated to progress and improve.

Ideological Principles

  • Personal ownership – Associates are expected to take ownership of their life and work.
  • One team – We believe trust is the foundation of every high performing team.
  • Serving others – We encourage community involvement.
  • Quality and Professionalism.